Coaching Millennials

Last week I went to a workshop on Supervision.  From time to time I have to coordinate a team of coaches to get a project done, so I thought I might get a few additional resources from this session.  We spent a portion of the session discussing the needs and expectations of employees of different […]

Flipped Classroom – Elementary Style

One of my schools is working on flipping the classroom.  With that in mind, I was asked to represent the school division at a forum that our local PBS station WHRO.  We had started talking about flipping the classroom towards the end of the year.  When I went to the ISTE conference in the summer […]

Email Coaching

Email is one of the hardest things to try to coach teachers about.  Most have had personal email accounts for years.  So they think they know how to use email.  Try to suggest that folks sit down with you to learn to use Outlook (the program our school division uses for email), and they look […]