Differentiated Coaching

Last month our team was given an assignment:  Prepare a ten-minute presentation on coaching.  We’ve studied tech coaching over the last year – read about a few models, watched a few video archives etc. So I wanted to bring something new to the discussion.  Amazon had a number of books on coaching, so I decided on one that sounded interesting: Differentiated Coaching. We differentiate for students, so why not for teachers?  I thought I could just about predict what would be in the book, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Jane Kise has developed a framework for working with teachers that has some real depth.  She not only discusses the need to differentiate by learning style – which was along the lines of what I expected – she marries that idea with differentiating by process and content to create a true differentiation model that could be used to plan for teachers.  There are lots of great nuggets in the book as well – metaphors for coaching, thoughts on how different personal types interact…I thought it was a great find.

There are a host of resources on the website http://www.janekise.com/ I developed a powerpoint for my presentation on Differentiated Coaching and used a handout that I found online.   I’ll finish the book when I have some time.  There are a few things in the framework that I would like to include in my practice…so I’ll pick one thing to start: identifying personal types so that I can have that in mind when I plan sessions.

What books are on your professional bookshelf?

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