Sway: A Multipurpose Instructional Tool

As part of my ISTE certification course, I am studying instructional technology use and it’s resultant shifts in education. Part of the coursework involves evaluation of technology tools and justification of my findings. As you know, I have been a fan of the Microsoft Sway tool ever since I first discovered it. So I thought I could take the time now to explain why I think Sway is like a digital “Swiss army knife” in my instructional toolkit.

Flipped Classroom – Elementary Style

One of my schools is working on flipping the classroom.  With that in mind, I was asked to represent the school division at a forum that our local PBS station WHRO.  We had started talking about flipping the classroom towards the end of the year.  When I went to the ISTE conference in the summer […]

Differentiated Coaching

Last month our team was given an assignment:  Prepare a ten-minute presentation on coaching.  We’ve studied tech coaching over the last year – read about a few models, watched a few video archives etc. So I wanted to bring something new to the discussion.  Amazon had a number of books on coaching, so I decided […]