I am going to Singapore?!?!

I am going to Singapore. I guess I should be used to the idea by now, but it just hit home. I sat in on a Microsoft “Know before you go” call this morning and saw MY avatar on the Team USA list. I am going to Singapore!!

I’ve had quite the whirlwind of activity these last few weeks.  Expedited passport, shots, reservations for the “kids” – everyday there has been something else to do to keep this moving forward so that I have everything in order before I go. So I’m ready –  travel ready. Now I need to get Microsoft ready.


I’m going to take these new courses in the Microsoft Educator Community:

  • Physical Computing for the non-computer science educator – This course will explain how to integrate physical computing with MakeCode and micro:bits.  This should be fun since I really haven’t had the chance to explore MakeCode or use the micro:bit that I got at the CS Firehose at ISTE last year.  
  • Unleashing Creativity with MakeCode and Minecraft – This course will teach more about combining MakeCode and Minecraft.  It will be a little more difficult for me since I never really got into Minecraft.  It’s one of those things that I keep meaning to do…
  • Computational Thinking and Its Importance in Education – This course teaches about computational thinking and its cross curricular application.  I’m going to love this one – it’s theory…I love theory!
  • MCE Study Guide – The 21CLD curriculum is the foundation for the new MCE exam.  I’m going to need to brush up to take the new exam.


I know I’m cutting it close with just nine days to go, but I want to try to be ready to take part in these conversations and at least return the faith that Maria and Ginelle over in the Microsoft Education Global Training Partnership office have put in me.  And my mom, she still thinks that everything I do is wonderful. I cannot disappoint momma by going unprepared.


Speaking of prepared, I am going to need to get some things ready to occupy me for the 24 hours that I will be traveling.  Talk about a long flight…I’m torn between going with just eBooks and videos or two of my Christmas books that I’ve been holding on to. I was holding them for a good reading weekend, but a long flight would be just as good.  


I’ve been to some high profile events before, but nothing like this.  They are expecting 400 educators from all over the world. I can’t begin to imagine how we’ll all discuss education transformation on that level.  Breakouts? Small groups?? I’ll let you know. Stay tuned…